Data Processing

Data processing is included with all Zonge Australia technology services. In surveys conducted by us, data are first Quality Controlled on a daily basis to ensure that results are valid, creating important opportunities to modify the survey as required. Final data are then processed to produce deliverables such as plots and cross sections, etc. Zonge can also re-process data from pre-existing surveys or from surveys conducted by other contractors as required.

During the course of processing real-world electrical and EM (electromagnetic) field data for more than 30 years, Zonge has developed a comprehensive set of programs for processing, display and interpretation of field data for many different survey methods. Inversion procedures are fundamental to our software’s performance. These are specialised computer algorithms used to generate models that approximate geology, based both on the input geophysical data and on certain assumptions made when choosing the best inversion method.

The following software is used for modelling data collected in the field and is also available to buy: