Data Processing and Modelling Software

To support its instrument customers and its world-wide field operations, Zonge has developed comprehensive software for the processing, display, modelling, and interpretation of electrical and electromagnetic data for the many survey methods that Zonge instrument systems routinely perform.

Key features of Zonge software are:

  • Data processing and display software for all survey types and options that allow you to generate the results you want.
  • DPWin, a Windows based program that integrates the editing and display functions that heretofore were accomplished with text-based editors and a series of DOS based programs.
  • Modelling and interpretation programs that use robust smooth-model inversion.

The following basic software is furnished at no charge with the purchase of a GDP-32II:

  • QC, averaging, and display programs for CSAMT, Harmonic CSAMT, RPIP, TDIP, CR, and TEM
  • DatPro
  • Utilities

The following software is available for purchase:

  • Modelling and Interpretation Programs
  • Upgrades from DatPro to DPWin
  • Additional Licences for DatPro, DPWin and modelling programs