Data Processing

Understanding data is key to our business and our client’s and has been for over 30 years. Whether data has been collected by our crews or others, we strive to provide clients with expert advice on acquisition methods, quality, project costs, and forward and inversion modelling. We use a wide variety of software packages from trusted providers for data handling from field review to forward and inversion modelling results. Our data handling capability covers methods including Induced Polarisation and resistivity (IP), transient Electromagnetic (EM) and Magneto-Telluric (MT) including Controlled Source Audio-frequency (CSAMT). We regularly handle data from instruments provided by Zonge International, GDD Instruments, Phoenix Geophysics and others.

Our modelling capability includes 1D, 2D and 3D for appropriate data types and methods and we are able to present observed data and model results in easy to view formats for easy assessment and integration into client data environments. Our modelling software includes that provided by Zonge International, Geotomo software and Nordwest and is regularly expanded to provide added capability.

Data processing and modelling is provided with most of our field services to ensure our clients have a valuable product on project completion. We are also happy to liaise with other providers to ensure data is delivered in an open and easy to use format.