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GDD IP receiver GRx8-32

  • Resistivity and time domain induced polarisation measurement
  • 2D and 3D configuration: pole-dipole, dipole-dipole, pole-pole, Wenner, Gradient, Shlumberger and others
  • Capable of up to 32 Channels per Rx in multiple configurations (1x32, 2x16, 4x8 arrays)
  • Full time series recording capability
  • Great for large scale multiple receiver arrays reading multiple lines at once from a single power source.

GDD TX II Transmitter

  • 3600W-2400V-15A single system, can be run in dual master slave mode for 7200W-4800V-15A
  • 0.030A to 15A (standard operation), ideal for resistive conditions
  • Protection against short circuits even at zero (0) ohms

GDD TX 4 Transmitter

  • 5000W-2400V-20A single sytem, can be run in dual master slave mode for 10000W-4800V-20A
  • 0.030A to 20A (standard operation), ideal for resistive conditions
  • Protection against short circuits even at zero (0) ohms

Zonge GDP-3224 Receiver

  • Capable of MT, CSAMT, TDEM, time- and frequency-domain IP in multiple configurations
  • Pre-amplifies and filters electric and magnetic telluric signals
  • Automatically limits low-frequency tellurics for MT/AMT surveys
  • Includes radio signal filter for CSAMT and IP surveys
  • Up to 16 user-expandable channels
  • 24 bit acquisition including full time series recording
  • Has successfully been used to extract AMT data from IP data
  • 0.015625 Hz to 8 KHz frequency range standard, 0.0001 Hz minimum for MT and 10240 Hz maximum for AMT

Zonge GGT-30 transmitter

  • up to 30kVA up to 1000 V, 45 Amp
  • Can be run as a dual system with two generators for up to double output
  • Broadband: DC to 8192Hz
  • Loop or grounded dipole
  • Open loop circuit protection

Phoenix MTU-5A Receiver 2 E-Field

  • 3 H-Field channels per Rx
  • Frequency range of DC-10,000Hz
  • Samples/second: 24 000
  • Applications from surface to 50km depth and beyond
  • Passive system with minimal environmental impact

Phoenix MTC-150L Sensor

  • Range of 0.0001Hz-10,000Hz
  • Sensitivity 25 mv/nT
  • Output range: Fully differential 0-5V

SMARTem24 Receiver

  • 24-bit ADC’s
  • Up to 16 input channels
  • Up to 120,000 samples per second per channel
  • Full time 24 bit time-series recording and playback
  • EM and time domain IP functionality
  • Highly adaptable frequency range

Battery-powered NanoTEM® Transmitter NT-20

  • capable of very fast turn-off times to collect high-quality, near-surface TEM data
  • 50 or 100% duty cycle
  • 1.5 microsecond shutoff into 20 meter loop
  • applications for mining and environmental surveys

SuperSting R1 Earth Resistivity and IP Meter

  • Battery Powered portable small system
  • High resolution near surface data
  • IP mode records 6 individual chargeability windows
  • 1-2000mA transmitter output
  • Resistance, Schlumberger, Wenner, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, pole-pole, SP-absolute and SP-gradient modes

BH43-3 Borehole TDEM Probe

  • 3 Dimensional time domain EM exploration from boreholes
  • One axial and two radial coils
  • Sensor area 5000m2 for axial component and 1250m2 for radial components