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Data acquisition

Zonge Australia can handle all aspects involved in the physical acquisition of high-quality geophysical data. We have more than three decades of experience in the field, working in a variety of harsh terrains around the world. That means an unrivalled understanding of what is required to acquire high quality data safely on any project site – including remote wildernesses and culturally sensitive sites.

Our field experts have developed proprietary site preparation and surveying procedures. These are unique within the industry and are a major contributor to our reputation as a provider of high quality results.

Clients receive a final data acquisition report that includes all important data including instrumentation used, survey parameters, a production and safety summary, the data itself and a summary of the survey.

Zonge processes data carefully to remove noise and improve quality. Note that we can also re-process data from pre-existing surveys, or from surveys conducted by other contractors.

Quality assurance (QA/QC) is achieved in the field by professionally trained field operators and team leaders, who ensure that all results are of the highest quality before moving to adjacent lines and/or departing the project area. All of your data are checked and verified to minimise errors, with maximum survey value for you.